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I have a general question / suggestion / error message concerning TLM-Tracker. What can I do?


Please contact us here. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Is it possible to use TLM-Tracker for eukaryotic cells?


TLM-Tracker was optimized for the analysis of prokaryotic cells growing in a microcolony. However, it should be applicable for any cell types growing as a monolayer. For this purpose, it might be necessary to adjust the segmentation pipeline parameter and generate a user defined process. If you are using TLM-Tracker for eukaryotic cells, please write us your experiences. If you have generated a new process file, please feel free to share it. We can offer it for download on this website or integrate it in TLM-Tracker.

I can not see the demonstration video on the homepage. What is the problem?


The Adobe Flash Player plugin has to be installed for your browser.

Is it possible to adapt TLM-Tracker for phase contrast microscopy instead of using bright field images?


At the moment TLM-Tracker is focussed on the combination of brightfield and fluorescence images/videos where segmentation and tracking algorithms are applied on the brightfield images. However, with the current version it is already possible to adapt the segmentation procedures to analyze phase contrast and fluorescence images. Therefore, we provide a preliminary segmentation pipeline in the download area of the Wiki documentation that can be loaded into TLM-Tracker. We intent to fully integrate these features in a next version of TLM-Tracker.

Are there other freeware tools available in the field time-lapse microscopy image analysis?


There are some related great tools available with differences in the employed methods and application focus. We added a table in this Wiki documentation.

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