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Welcome to TLM-Tracker

TLM-Tracker (Time-Lapse-Movie-Tracker) is a free platform independent tool for single cell analyses in live-cell imaging experiments like time lapse microscopy. It allows for the flexible and user friendly segmentation, tracking and lineage analysis of microbial cells in time-lapse movies.

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The software offers:

  • segmentation of individual cells in microscopy images
  • cell tracking in time-lapse image sequences
  • cell lineage analysis
  • quantification of fluorescence protein markers
  • determination of single cell parameters and culture heterogeneity

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Tutorial Video

Short tutorial video that demonstrates in about 10 minutes the main features about TLM-Tracker. For full-screen mode please click on the symbol on the bottom-right corner.

Time Lapse Movie Example

Example of a time-lapse movie showing a growing GFP producing Bacillus megaterium microcolony.

Getting started


Download and install the latest version of TLM-Tracker for various platforms.


View the Quick start guide for TLM-Tracker.


View the TLM-Tracker manual.


To contact the TLM-Tracker delevopment team please visit our Contact page.

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